How the quality of your golf ball matters

Golf companies insist that the quality of the golf ball matters. They would usually say that when advertising their golf balls because obviously they want to sell their products. They always brag about how their golf balls is longer, straighter and has more control than the other balls sold in the market.

Also, they would say that their golf balls would make one a better golfer. Above all these, Yes the type of golf ball matters and no the brand does not. Let us elaborate.

The Type of Golf Ball

When we say that yes the type of golf ball matters what we mean is like when one plays a Titleist ProV1 vs. a Precept Lady ball. If you’re golfer that makes us of a lower handicap, a tour grade ball such as the Prov1 type of golf ball will be able to give you more spin on short shots. Also, you will be able to better feel with a putter and maybe a few more yards on long shots.

On the other hand, if you are a mid range player, such as a 6-15 handicap, any kind of mid level ball, such as the Bridgestone E series, would be able to work with you. This type of golf ball will provide you with good feel and good distance. Lastly, if you are above a 15 handicap, any kind of lower price ball like a Top Flite or Pinnacle is the best for you.

Golf Ball brand Does NOT Matter

Well her it is people, the brand of golf ball does not matter in any way. There may be some people who would say that they just can’t hit a XYZ brand of golf ball. This is just purely non sense. In the realest of all sense, your golf course and your golf clubs have no idea what brand your golf ball is. The only thing that will matter in this case is how you make a golf shot go long and straight and in the hole through the swing that you have made and the effort that you put through.

Also golf balls are more like beers in a way that you cannot tell the difference between a Bud Light and Miller Lite. Studies have shown that 95% of golfers have no chance of telling a difference between Titleist, Bridgestone, TaylorMade or Callaway golf balls in a blind test. Despite this golfers and golf ball companies continue the song and dance of how this ball is better than this ball.

The bottom line is that what matters most is not the brand of golf ball but the kind of player that you are.  If you are the type of play that is very dedicated and works hard to be the best at his or her own field then no matter what brand of golf ball you use, you will still excel in the game that you are in. So again, the brand does not matter at all.